About NSCC Blockchain Series:

Nova Scotia Community College is partnering with Blockchain Learning Group (BLG), Inc. to deliver a series of educational events in recognition of the emergence of Blockchain Technology as a genuine disruptive force in financial, business, and community affairs. This educational series aims to assemble students of all technical backgrounds, local government administrators, industry professionals, technology entrepreneurs, and community enthusiasts to explore the current breakthroughs of Blockchain technology. Check out the entire Blockchain series below.

About the Blockchain Seminar:

Blockchain applications have grown well beyond cryptocurrencies, in fact, smart-contracts and distributed ledgers now play a major role in online voting, medical research, and global supply chains, to name a few. This seminar is targeted at the government and business communities in Nova Scotia, with the intention of creating a space for sharing and learning about the impacts of Blockchain technology.

Join Blockchain Learning Group, Inc. at NSCC, Ivany Campus on May 23 at 3:00PM for a presentation, which goes beyond the recent hype surrounding Blockchain technology to explore the outcomes of real-world Blockchain implementations.


  • Overview of how governments and industries can leverage Blockchain technology

  • Real-world examples of Blockchain applications

  • Understanding where Blockchain technology works best – How do you know when it makes sense?

About Blockchain Learning Group, Inc.:

Blockchain Learning Group facilitates hands-on, immersive blockchain training courses with an appropriate mix of theoretical and practical components. BLG strives to outfit developers with an actionable knowledge base and empower them to make an immediate impact in their organizations. BLG’s vision is for a global community where developers and organizations attain a much stronger foundation of blockchain education in order to better serve their blockchain technology projects and goals.