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May 29 - 30, 2019

CANSEC has been held annually in Ottawa since 1998 by the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI). CANSEC 2018 was a great success and CANSEC 2019 will once… Read more

Jun 04, 2019
MacArtney Canada GRAND Opening

MacArtney Canada Grand Opening - Turesday June 4th, 20193 - 4 pm:Presentation by Steen Worsoe'Cathodic Delamination - the 'Silent Killer' of rubber molded connectors'Location: COVE… Read more

Jun 4, 2019
MacArtney Canada Grand Opening 2019  OTCNS Event

Please join us for the grand opening of our MacArtney Canada office, it will be an evening of celebration and cheer! Join us for the presentation and or a bit of good cheer during… Read more

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