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Business Development Officer

Ocean Tracking Network, 2015
Ocean Tracking Network, 2015


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This unit group is for all business development officers, marketing researchers and consultants: These occupations conduct research, develop policies, and manage programs designed to stimulate business activity or investments.

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Bachelor's Degree



What you do

Business development officers are responsible for developing and generating new business opportunities by conducting research, formulating policies and managing programs to stimulate industrial and commercial business investments, or to promote commercial or industrial products and services. 

In the oceans technology sector, business development officers may work with government, industry or individual companies to research and promote the oceans technology industry locally, nationally and internationally.

A Business Development Officer performs some or all of the following duties:

  • Develop policies and administer programs to promote industrial and commercial business investment in urban and rural areas;
  • Conduct social or economic surveys on local, regional or national areas to assess development potential and future trends; and
  • Assess business opportunities and develop strategies to attract venture capital.

What you need

  • Excellent organizational skills are essential;
  • Able to be resourceful;
  • Able to co-operate with others in a team setting;
  • Excellent communication skills, both orally and in writing;
  • A keen interest in conducting research and formulating policies; and
  • Advanced computer and technical skills for data manipulation and statistical analysis may be required in some positions.

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References and further reading

* The employment outlook over the next few years for this occupational group is "fair", which indicates the changes of a qualified individual finding work is around average.