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Data Scientist


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Bachelor's Degree



What you do

As technology advances, we are collecting vast amounts of data about the world around us, but what do we do with all that information? Data scientists take large datasets (think millions or billions of data points) and turn that into useable insights. Programming, computer learning, and artificial intelligence are becoming key tools to unlocking the stories behind this information. This is one of the fastest growing roles within the ocean sector and beyond.

A Data Scientist performs some or all of the following duties:

  • Process and clean large datasets (ensure everything is the same format)
  • Apply statistics, models, and algorithms to understand trends, outliers, or points of interest in the data
  • Use machine learning, statistical modeling, or artificial intelligence to identify insights
  • Write reports on the findings
  • Present the findings to stakeholders

What you need

  • Confidence in math and computer science
  • Familiarity with statistics and statistical techniques
  • Understanding of programming languages such as python and R
  • Experience working with artificial intelligence and machine learning would be an asset

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Secondary School
Math 10, Math 11, Math 12 (minimum)

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