Career Profile:

Marine Geomatics Specialist

Ocean Tracking Network, 2015
Ocean Tracking Network, 2015


Median Yearly





This unit group is for all technical occupations in geomatics: Occupations in geomatics include a vast variety of technologists and technicians, who gather, analyze, interpret and use geospatial information for applications in natural resources, geology, and environmental research.

Work type:

full-time, self-employed

Most likely to work in:

Halifax, Cape Breton, Northern Region

Most employees have:

Non-university certificate or diploma / Bachelor's Degree



What you do

Marine geomatics specialists conduct marine geophysical surveys including precise positioning, hydrographic surveying, seafloor imaging, sub-bottom profiling, geotechnical analysis and comprehensive reporting and mapping. 

In the oceans technology sector, marine geomatics specialists provide a wide variety of skills such as assisting oil and gas companies determine where and how to safely establish drilling rigs, providing data to establish international maritime boundaries, or mapping the path for a submarine power or communications cable.

A Marine Geomatics Specialist performs some or all of the following duties:

  • Plan map content - format, design and compile required data from seafloor imaging, survey notes, records, reports and other maps;
  • Generate maps and related graphs and charts using digital mapping techniques; and
  • Operate specialized computer hardware and software and peripheral equipment to model, manage, analyze and display geospatial data.

What you need

  • Comfortable working in offshore environments;
  • Have a precise and systematic approach to all projects;
  • You must be accurate and efficient when designing and conducting surveys;
  • Computer skills are critically essential; and
  • Physical stamina may be necessary for those doing offshore fieldwork.

References and further reading

* The employment outlook over the next few years for this occupational group is "fair", which indicates the changes of a qualified individual finding work is around average.

Your Career Pathway

Opportunities for Hands-on Experience

Secondary School
Co-op Options and Opportunities (Science Streams)
Oceans 11

Post-Secondary Educational Programs

Certificates, Diplomas, Community College
Nova Scotia Community College: Survey Technician Certificate
1 years, $3,130 / year
Nova Scotia Community College: Geomatics Engineering Technology Diploma
1 years, $3,130 / year
Nova Scotia Community College: Marine Geomatics (Advanced Diploma)
1 years, $4,790 / year
University Bachelor's Degree
Dalhousie: Faculty of Science: Ocean Sciences
4 years, $8,000 / year
Acadia, Dalhousie, Saint Francis Xavier, Saint Mary's: Faculty of Science - Earth Science/Geology
4 years, $8,000 / year

Graduate Programs

Masters Degree
Acadia: Masters of Science in Applied Geomatics (Partnership NSCC-CoGS)
2 years, $10,000 / year
Doctorate Degree
Dalhousie: Faculty of Science - Graduate Studies in Ocean Sciences
4 years, $10,000 / year
Acadia, Dalhousie: Faculty of Science - Graduate Programs in Earth Sciences/Geology
4 years, $10,000 / year