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Ocean Science Technician


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What you do

Ocean science technicians help create, maintain, and run oceanographic equipment and experiments. As a technician you will need to be familiar with a wide range of measuring and sampling equipment and laboratory skills.

In the oceans technology sector, , this role involves assisting scientists from biology, geology, physics, and chemistry disciplines with their research and ensuring they have access to and knowledge of how to use the equipment they need for their work.

An Ocean Science Technician performs some or all of the following duties:

  • Provide a range of technical support for scientists studying the ocean environment
  • Operate and maintain ocean sensors, and technology
  • Calibrate and maintain scientific instruments
  • Repair mechanical and electrical equipment as required
  • Train and support scientists in using equipment.

What you need

  • Experience in technical field support in the ocean environment
  • Experience conducting scientific work relating to the ocean
  • Excellent technical and organizational skills
  • Depending on the role, diving, boat operation, software and/or health and safety certifications may be required

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