Career Profile:

Offshore Wind Technician


Median Yearly





Work type:


Most likely to work in:

Halifax, Across the province

Most employees have:

Trades certificate or diploma / Non-university certificate or diploma



What you do

Offshore wind technicians work in challenging conditions to help us to harness the power of the wind. Unlike their counterparts who work on land these individuals work on large installations at sea. Their day-to-day role involves maintaining and upgrading wind turbines ensuring they are working correctly and safely. As offshore wind as an industry grows, technicians will also be supporting installation and development of new turbines.

An Offshore Wind Technician performs some or all of the following duties:

  • Check and maintain the electrical and mechanical systems on the turbines
  • Upgrade components as new capabilities become available
  • Repair, troubleshoot and identify issues with the turbines
  • Travel to wind farm locations and may be required to stay at sea during work periods.

What you need

  • Background in electrical or mechanical engineering preferred
  • Comfortable working in the marine environment
  • Not afraid of heights (some turbines are taller than the Eiffel Tower!)
  • Ability to troubleshoot complex electrical and mechanical issues in difficult environments

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