NSBI, in partnership with ACOA and the Atlantic Provinces, is currently recruiting Ocean Technology companies to attend a Trade Mission to Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan from October 29th to November 7th, 2018

This trade mission will directly follow Oceanology International China in an effort to make it easier for companies who are already in Asia to attend this follow on mission.

This mission will require you to work with the selected matchmaker to provide them feedback on the type of clients that you are looking for – remember, this is 100% focused on your company!

For more information and to sign up, please follow the link below and click the “REGISTER” button. Things to note, you need to ensure you go all the way through the registration at the same time… i.e go to the “Checkout” and pay before leaving the page after you enter your details. Registration deadline is September 7th.


Look forward to seeing you in South Korea and Japan!