Interested in Piezoelectric materials? Come join as Dr Eswar Prasad shares his experience from his long career in the piezo field.

About this Event

Lecture 1. Piezoelectric Phenomena, Materials and Processing

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM - Colin Maclean Hall

Light lunch provided.


The presentation describes the properties of a range of piezoelectric materials available today and their application to civil and defence applications in particular. 


A discussion of the piezoelectric effect and piezoelectric materials will be presented followed by a review of various application areas for piezoelectric materials and the criteria for evaluation and selection of piezoelectrics for such applications. Focus will be on a number of ceramic materials that offer reliable and low cost efficient sensor and transducer configurations. 


The lecture will cover the following broad areas. 1. Piezoelectric Phenomena, 2. Piezoelectric Effect, Modes of Vibration & Terminology, 3. Materials and Processing, Perovskite Materials & Ceramic Processing, 4. Reference will also be made to some emerging materials.


Lecture 2. Application of Piezoelectric Materials

2:00PM - 4:00PM - Colin Maclean Hall

Light food and drink provided.


Piezoelectric Sensor and actuator configurations will play an important role in applications. The operating principles of such devices will be discussed and selection criteria based on sensitivity, displacement, force, frequency response and bandwidth will be presented. Trade‐off considerations for such devices will also be discussed. The scope of this lecture covers the application of piezoelectric materials to various industrial sectors with emphasis on underwater acoustics. 

The lecture will cover the following broad areas. 1. Principles of Application, 2. Application examples covering Mechanical to Electrical, Electrical to Mechanical and Electrical-Mechanical-Electrical conversions, 3. Application of piezoelectric materials.