Compusult is an IT company with over 32 years of experience in big data, cloud-based, and mobile geospatial solutions for aerospace, defense, and government  agencies. We specialize in handling large collections of geospatial intelligence and other information for military ops and first responder situational awareness. Our Web Enterprise Suite (WES) and GO Mobile products offer comprehensive web & mobile solutions for secure data discovery, access, fusion, visualization, and collaboration. They can manage huge volumes of diverse and disparate information, in both structured and unstructured formats, including maps, satellite & other imagery, IoT sensors, body-worn camera & other videos, intelligence data, social media, web services, documents, news feeds, and more. Compusult also provides item tracking solutions to defense and government users worldwide for asset tracking, inventory control, and item check-in/check-out applications. Additionally, Compusult manufactures and supplies Assistive Technology (AT) products for persons with disabilities, including active military personnel and veterans.