DBCan (A Division of Don Brenton’s Fire Protection) provides Total Procurement Package Solutions in support of Safety Systems Integration for Marine and other sectors of off-shore and on-shore industries. We offer Engineering Integration Design, Project Management and Integrated Logistics Support Services as part of a total procurement package for marine/shipboard and off-shore solutions. In addition DBCan provides a complete line of Conventional and Special Hazard Fire Detection and Fire Suppression Systems, along with portable fire, fixed fire, semi-fixed fire extinguishers and related safety systems.

DBCan has established a material management system, which provides access to global safety systems components and equipments. This provides DBCan with the ability to respond to the various design solutions based on individual client requirements for best fit and satisfaction.

Our team at DBCan offers the following services:

  • Project management;
  • Requirements Analysis;
  • System Integration Design;
  • Integrated Logistics Support;
  • Technical Support;
  • Installation and Maintenance; and
  • Emergency Services.