Encanex is an equipment designer, manufacturer, integrator & service provider located on Canada’s East coast.  We are dedicated to providing our clients with innovative solutions and world class service. 

Encanex operates three divisions, which include ModuworksTM Manufacturing, ValuebackTM Manufacturing and ValuebackTM Onsite Processing.  ModuworksTM Manufacturing is the fabrication of a variety of modular solutions.  Examples include DNV (2.7-1 and 2.7-2) offshore equipment, cargo baskets, waste skips, frames, containers and modular structures, such as offices, accommodations, washrooms, locker rooms and storage rooms, water treatment and waste processing equipment. 

ValuebackTM Manufacturing includes the engineering design and manufacturing of process equipment to recover and return valuable assets, such as minerals, oil, metals and water, from process by-products.  These processes not only contribute to environmental sustainability, but can also work to generate revenue from products that are typically deemed as waste. 

ValuebackTM Onsite Processing is an extension of our ValuebackTM Manufacturing, where Encanex operates the process equipment at the client’s facility.  Examples include:  slop oil, lime sludge and NORM decontamination services. 

We have two fabrication facilities, located in Halifax, NS and Paradise, NL as well as operations in Calgary, AB. We serve markets in Canada, the United States and internationally providing innovative solutions to the oil & gas, mineral, DND and industrial sectors.