Geoforce Group Limited is a well-established Canadian ocean technology company providing products and services for global markets, predominantly in seafloor mapping. Its core product is the Geoforce DTS™ Boomer/sparker sub-bottom profiler; this powerful deep-tow system has evolved through continuous improvements over several decades and offers unsurpassed high-resolution subsurface mapping results from shallow to deep water, i.e. from 20 m to 4500 m depth. Additionally, Geoforce offers a 4K deep-sea drop camera, the Geo-Digs digitizer with proprietary software for data acquisition and visualization, as well as auxiliary equipment, such as the Geoforce Roller Sheave, which is designed for optimal operation of many deep-tow instruments. Geoforce products have been designed for use in the world's toughest ocean environments, where reliability, ease of operation, accuracy and best data resolution are of paramount importance.