Glas Ocean Electric's remarkable electric hybrid dive system for diesel fishing vessels, small commercial workboats and tour boats can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 70%, eliminate almost all noise, eradicate fumes, and save owners more than half their operating costs.

Glas Ocean Electric’s electric drive system brilliantly engineered in cooperation with British Aerospace Engineering is easily installed between a diesel power plant and a vessel’s propeller, allowing efficient use of the diesel to get on site, but then offering hours of use on electric power alone. Glas Ocean’s HyMarine electric drive is a simple but robust drop-in kit that significantly lowers fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while creating a more comfortable work environment by reducing the noise and vibration that diesel propulsion generates.

Glas Ocean’s conversion kit offers flexibility and redundancy. The original diesel engine is available as back up while electric propulsion radically reduces operational costs and creates a more comfortable environment for crew.

Data is power

Operators decide when to switch from diesel power to electric based on up-to-the-minute conditions analyzed by Glas Ocean’s AI-enhanced software. More importantly, over time, collected data on any vessel’s performance is digested by Glas Ocean software and then reported back to owners as useful information to get even greater efficiency and savings.

Glas Ocean’s PerforMarine™ data system provides operators with route and propulsion suggestions based on each vessel’s specifications and history at sea both in real time and with periodic analysis. By collecting wave, current, and weather data as well as performance variables under electric motor power vs. diesel, a vessel’s efficiency and costs can be finely honed.

Data can be anonymized, stored securely, and augmented via AI programming for use by individual vessels and the broader community. Information gathered by multiple ships at sea over time creates a rich and interconnected dataset that empowers entire fleets.