GSTS provides intelligent data monitoring and analysis solutions for government and industry using space and ground-based technology. GSTS has developed comprehensive maritime monitoring and risk analysis tools that provide valuable maritime intelligence. This has been achieved by developing new data mining, analysis and AI algorithms using the global AIS (Automatic Identification System) satellite data.

GSTS scientists and engineers were directly involved in the design and launch of the first AIS satellites. With core maritime knowledge, GSTS leverages its proprietary access to satellite data and its algorithm expertise to harness and extract this information. GSTS has been working with various Civil Agencies both in Canada and throughout the world, to develop capabilities that align with their requirements.


Developed by GSTS, OCIANA™ is a Big Data AI platform that rapidly processes satellite and other data sets harvested from ocean, weather and port activity sources to provide decision-making information.  
OCIANA offers a two-pronged capability of global vessel traffic optimization and security services.

Using global data sets, OCIANA analyzes vessel traffic, port/terminal activities, and individual vessel behaviours. Using customizable optimization parameters OCIANA invokes artificial intelligence algorithms to provide schedule and efficiency solutions.  The port, vessel, and the
Region of Interest (ROI) are also customizable.