Seaforth Geosurveys Inc. offers innovative marine geomatics solutions ranging from general ocean mapping to comprehensive hydrographic & oceanographic surveys in support of engineering and environmental projects. Our areas of specialization include:

  • Hydrographic and oceanographic surveys
  • Geophysical & geotechnical investigations
  • Geochemical investigations and analysis
  • Precise navigation & positioning
  • Project management
  • Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) consultancy
  • Oil field site surveys
  • Support services for data acquisition, processing, interpretation and management.
  • Marine renewable energy site investigations (tidal, wave, wind)
  • Cable and pipeline route surveys
  • Port development & dredging surveys
  • Environmental impact, assessment and monitoring
  • Coastal zone & benthic habitat mapping
  • Environmental and geological research
  • UXO site investigation

Our team of personnel includes project managers, professional geophysicists, geologists and engineers, SHE consultants, surveyors, hydrographers, electronic technologists, GIS/CAD technicians, cartographers and others.

Through delivery of our professional services, Seaforth maintains a steadfast commitment to client satisfaction and provides survey solutions tailored to project specific requirements.

Seaforth is certified and operates to the ISO 9001 standard.