We manufacture the world’s most reliable, versatile & powerful underwater ROVs

For more than 30 years our innovative advancements in underwater remotely operated vehicles have changed the way the world sees the deep. SEAMOR Marine traces its roots to 1989, when our first-gen ROV technology was developed. New ownership in 2006 significantly evolved the robotics of our next-gen vehicles, expanding the limits of work and exploration in some of the ocean’s most dangerous conditions. For decades our ROVs have inspired learning, growth, and the protection of precious life-sustaining resources.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Our ROVs operate on every continent and in every major body of water around the globe.

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Keeping the Power & Water on

Our industry-proven ROVs help with the construction, inspection and maintenance of vital infrastructure that supports civilization. Their cameras and underwater tools allow crews to safely work on pipelines, reservoirs and dams that supply drinking water and electricity to families like yours.

Assisting in Search & Rescue Efforts

When accidents happen, forensic specialists use our ROVs in the underwater search and recovery of missing people, vehicles, and equipment. Acoustic search capabilities on our search vehicles provide visibility in murky conditions and minimize diver risk, conducting meaningful work that reunites families and friends or brings closure after an accident.

Protecting Marine Habitats

Scientists use our ROVs to go as deep as 600 meters for extended periods to observe and protect marine habitats. Our underwater research vehicle technology empowers university and government research teams with the ability to conduct underwater surveys, coral reef studies, aquaculture inspections, and shipwreck investigation.

Inspiring Industry Innovation

As an industry leader with a global network of dealers and clients, SEAMOR Marine is a hub of information for our clients and dealers. The open exchange of information and experience inspires innovation within the entire industry and drives the creation of new tools and features. 

Designing for Eco-sustainability

Our observation-class ROVs perform work in the marine field to help protect and preserve our environment, and therefore we feel it is our natural responsibility that they are designed with sustainability in mind. Our modular systems are designed to be maintained and repaired, rather than using throw-away components. SEAMOR ROVs run on electricity efficiently enough to operate on renewable energy storage systems in the field rather than traditional gasoline generators.


Come See the Deep

To inspire the world to discover the deep with the world’s most reliable, versatile and powerful ROVs.


To equip the world with the most innovative underwater technology so underwater explorers and scientists can work safely and productively.


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