Shift 2 Clean Energy offers advanced Energy storage systems and practical pay-as-you-go PwrSwap service that gives customers clean energy with more reliability and fewer risks. The unique innovations deliver quality Energy storage systems that can be used safely and efficiently for the lifespan of a vessel. Shift provides solutions to electrify marine vessels into fully electric, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid.

Shift's commitments:

Committed to Safety.

We take the lives and wellbeing of the mariners, vessel passengers, port workers and others very seriously. We continue to set—and raise—the safety benchmark across the industry.

Committed to Climate Action.

Shift is taking action on climate change now by providing customers with a reliable, affordable way to electrify and reduce GHG because reliance on fossil fuels, including in the maritime industry, is causing climate change.

Committed to Excellence.

Our founder pioneered the sector, and we are 100% focused on results. Our approach is practical, using proven technologies that are best in class, and although they may be approaches from other industries, they are tried and true.

Committed to a Brighter Future.

Shift pays for the transition of marine vessels to be electrified using clean energy. We believe so completely in our products, the PwrSwäp solution, and the climate action imperative, that we make the upfront investment, so you don’t have to.