Custom geospatial software, hardware, and integration

Our mission is to advance the interoperability of people, machines, and systems with innovative software and hardware components.

Services We Provide

Spatialnetics builds upon both closed and open-source software, with an emphasise on modular components that enable interoperability between systems and people.

  • Custom Application Development
    • Let us design and develop a custom software application for your organization. We support all platforms, from desktop, to web, and mobile.
  • Driver and Format Development
    • Stuck with incompatible formats or hardware? We can help bridge the gaps with custom converters, plugins, drivers, or utilities.

  • 3D Visualizaiton & Digital Twins

    • We can create high resolution 3D scenes from a wide variety of data types and formats, as 3d assets or standalone movies.
  • Strategic Consultation

    • Using our deep technical and industry knowledge we can provide advise, guidance and help with strategic planning

  • Applied R&D - From Lab to Product

    • If you have your own innovative technology or are looking to adopt, we can help move from ideas and prototypes to products.

  • Geospatial Product Creation

    • From point clouds, to digital terrain models, to high resolution 3d meshes, we can produce a wide range of geospatial products.