Spiri develops autonomous systems, including the Spiri Mu drone, and provides cloud computing services as well as end-to-end autonomous mission support for government and industry. We make drones that work for you.

Spiri was formed to serve sophisticated clients with ambitions to advance robotics, and we continue in that spirit. It is easy to imagine how autonomous systems can transform our world, but it is far more difficult to accomplish. So we remain humble, but committed to this end.
Relying on human operators has limited the scalability of drone services. We offer a fully autonomous flock of network-integrated drones that is deployable at will.

To advance robotics meaningfully requires widespread knowledge sharing. We design on open standards using open source code.

Making robots to be cheap has led to them to be fragile and quickly obsolete. We design around modularity, so that every component in our robots can be replaced or upgraded.