Sustainable Marine is a leading provider of coastal and nearshore renewable energy solutions. Its goal is to power island and coastal communities, and energise the blue economy using sustainable forms of energy generation. 

Sustainable Marine has developed an innovative and unique floating tidal energy platform, PLAT-I, which provides a clean and sustainable energy alternative to diesel or coal for coastal communities. The company offers a complete turnkey solution for tidal energy projects, including design, build, operation, and maintenance services.

The company's expertise also includes novel anchors and mooring systems for high energy environments through its Swift Anchors division, which offers a broad portfolio of competitive solutions for use across the marine sector. These solutions provide substantial carbon and cost savings, and rapid deployment using the company’s specially developed underwater installation tools.

Sustainable Marine was founded in 2012, is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, with offices in Spay, Germany, and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.