Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd. (SME) designs, builds, maintains and operates turnkey tidal energy systems. SME will be commercialising the tidal turbine technology developed by SCHOTTEL, in-conjunction with its platform and anchoring solutions, to offer an integrated solution to the market. The PLAT-I solution is dependable, maintainable and accessible year-round, and its modular design allows for it to be easily broken down and assembled on-site.

The Pempa’q Tidal Energy Project is a is joint venture between SME and Minas Tidal LP (MTLP). Pempa’q is pronounced “bem-baahk” and means “rising tide” in Mi’kmaq. SME and MTLP’s adjacent berths at the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) located in the Minas Passage, Nova Scotia, will utilize SME’s PLAT-I floating in-stream tidal energy technology to deliver up to 9MW of tidal energy to the Nova Scotia grid. SME has successfully demonstrated the PLAT-I technology with the installation and testing of the first ground-breaking PLAT-I platform in Connel, Scotland in 2017 and then in Grand Passage, Nova Scotia, since September 2018.