“Sustainable Marine Energy (Canada) Ltd (formerly Black Rock Tidal Power Inc. BRTP) located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a turnkey supplier of integrated tidal energy generation systems. SME was founded in 2013 to develop tidal energy platforms and enabling technologies. In 2018 SME merged with the tidal energy businesses of SCHOTTEL including Black Rock Tidal Power, which was renamed Sustainable Marine Energy (Canada) Ltd.

SME will be commercialising the tidal turbine technology developed by SCHOTTEL, in-conjunction with its platform and anchoring solutions, to offer an integrated solution to the market. SME will also be continuing the development of projects in Nova Scotia, Canada that will be used to prove up its products, including the 5MW berth at the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) that was awarded to SCHOTTEL in 2014.

SME has bought its technology to Canada with the installation of the first ground-breaking PLAT-I platform which was installed at Grand Passage in Digby County in September 2018 and will form the first part of a commercial array with testing continuing through 2019.”