Dartmouth, Nova Scotia - Survival Systems Training Limited is pleased to announce the official launch of their state-of-the-art Marine Aviation Survival Training (MAST) facility.

Survival Systems Training Limited (SSTL) has provided training to the Oil & Gas, Aviation, and Marine sectors for more than 18 years. This Nova Scotia training company’s recent expansion will enhance their capabilities and bolster their current global presence, ensuring more businesses and people around the world can access life-saving safety and survival training programs. “We provide training to companies and people from all over the country and around the world. With our new facility, we’ll develop new training programs and advance our R&D, simulation design and production efforts,” said John Swain, CEO.

The MAST facility is specifically designed to create extreme real-life conditions within a controlled environment for safe and effective water survival, underwater egress training and advanced marine research and development. The MAST facility received partial funding from the Government of Nova Scotia, and has garnered interest from many sectors including the Department of National Defense, Aerospace and Defense, Film and Entertainment and Government agencies engaged in Canada and abroad. The MAST facility is able to create thrilling sea state conditions that put people and equipment to the test in a ‘perfect storm’ environment.

SSTL will hold an exclusive event with government officials and dignitaries, military personnel and other special gests to celebrate this momentous occasion. To officially open the new facility, there will be demonstrations showcasing the extraordinary capabilities and environmental effects of the MAST including a Helicopter Underwater Escape and other survival scenarios.

“This remarkable, state-of-the-art training facility positions Survival Systems Training Limited as a world leader in safety training,” said Dartmouth South MLA Allan Rowe, on behalf of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Minister Michel Samson. “We need more Nova Scotia businesses taking the lead and pursuing growth opportunities around the world, and government will support those efforts by creating the conditions for success.”

About Survival Systems Training Limited:

Survival Systems Training Limited, located in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, is a world leader in delivering high-quality safety and survival training programs for the aviation, marine, land-based industrial, military and offshore industries.

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Peter Konings, Survival Systems Training Limited

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