Halifax, Nova Scotia (FSCwire) - Modest Tree Media Inc. is pleased to announce that the Canadian Department of National Defence has purchased enterprise licensing of Modest3D Editor, making the software the new standard for building 3D interactive training content in the military. Modest Tree signed the contract with DND, through PWGSC, last Friday, 29 January.

After a year of trials, testing, and comparative evaluations of 3D content development software, a team of experts from the navy, army, and air force chose Modest3D Editor over competing softwares, citing its ease of use, rapid development capability, wide range of training development applications, and ability to work collaboratively on projects as some of the top features.

Modest3D Editor is a patent-pending technology developed for building highly interactive 3D training content. It merges an easy to use interface with powerful capabilities. The results are an ultra-rapid, easy to use platform that anyone can quickly master to build 3D interactive content, regardless of their technical capabilities. Modest3D can be used to build a wide variety of training types from virtual task trainers, to immersive scenario based learning.

DND will be rolling out Modest3D to schools and learning support centres across Canada as part of its enhancements to the Defence Learning Network. By employing the project management portal for Modest3D, schools will be able to collaborate on training projects regardless of where they are situated. The portal repository can be used for storing and sharing 2D and 3D assets, as well as versioning and training configuration control.

Modest3D will be the newest addition to the Defence Learning Network tool box. Modernizing the Canadian Forces Individual Training and Education System started a couple of years ago with an aim to build the most meaningful and effective training for Canadian troops by leveraging modern training methodologies and cutting edge technologies. Modest3D fills the 3D content development requirement for the Defence Learning Network.

Sam Sannandeji, CEO of Modest Tree, stated that, “Modest Tree has had a long relationship with DND and has been working with various military organizations for a number of years, making sure our products deliver an easy to use, yet powerful creation platform. We are extremely pleased that DND has chosen Modest3D as their platform of choice to create 3D interactive training content. It is a strong indication that our products are delivering meaningful value to our customers.”