CarteNav Solutions Inc., the international leader in mission system software solutions, today announced that their AIMS software had recently completed a period of extensive assessment and integration testing in collaboration with Airbus Defence and Space (DS) Optronics (Pty) Ltd.

CarteNav has been working closely with Airbus DS Optronics to extend the remote interface protocol for a range of their observation camera systems and to enable a comprehensive integration with CarteNav's AIMS mission system software to be undertaken. CarteNav personnel recently visited Airbus DS Optronics’ facility in South Africa where a series of integration tests were successfully completed with AIMS being able to fully integrate and control a number of key features of three different types of Airbus DS Optronics multi-sensor camera systems designed for airborne deployment: the LEO-III HD, the ARGOS-II HD, and the GOSHAWK-II HD.

“It has been a real pleasure partnering with Airbus DS Optronics, and we have been working together for quite a while now to optimize the capabilities of their camera systems and our mission system software,” said Scott Richardson, CarteNav’s VP Service.

“Integrating our Airborne Observation System Product line with CarteNav has been an extremely smooth and professional experience. We are very excited with the integration as the products of both companies have unique features which complement each other to offer a formidable mission system solution to enhance the operational capabilities for users in the airborne observation domain,” said Ben Ash, Executive Manager Business Development at Airbus DS Optronics.

The successful completion of these tests paves the way for development of additional capability in the months to come and supports readiness to deploy both companies’ solutions in an integrated fashion for the benefit of end users undertaking a variety of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions. Mr. Richardson concluded, "This partnership will be beneficial to both parties, and will position us to be able to provide a much broader spectrum of solutions to a wide range of customer needs and missions around the globe.”