Nova Scotia and the ocean are intrinsically linked. With 13,000 km of coastline, the ocean is our playground, a source of economic opportunity, and for Larissa Pattison, the inspiration that sparked a career.

“I was drawn to the Oceans Technology (OTAD) program at NSCC as it offered an underwater photography class,” said Pattison. “My time in the OTAD program was great, and having access to COVE allowed our class to partake in many fieldwork-related activities giving us valuable experience before entering the workforce.”

After graduating from the OTAD program, Larissa held a few different ocean tech jobs, including moving west to work with JASCO Applied Sciences. Eventually, she returned to Nova Scotia, the province that first inspired her to enter the industry.

“The access to water and wharf at COVE is extremely convenient for planning fieldwork, testing equipment and loading/unloading vessels,” said Pattison. “It’s been extremely helpful for OFI as the CEOTR team has a large workshop space as well as a wharf for their vessel, making glider operations easier to execute.”

Similar growth and recognition of what Nova Scotia has to offer are taking place in the ocean tech industry. As Larissa’s story shows, our vast shoreline, academic institutions, and an ecosystem of endless opportunity at COVE have made our province one of the most desirable ocean tech hubs in the world.