April 18, 2023

Rimot is joining forces with U.S.-based BorgWarner (NYSE: BWA) to deploy the first bi-directional direct current fast charging (DCFC) for marine vessels and the electricity grid in North America.

The commercial agreement will combine Rimot’s innovative BlueGrid technology and BorgWarner’s market-leading bi-directional chargers to accelerate commercialization and deployments of Rimot’s vessel-to-grid solutions (V2G) that turn electric vessels into virtual power plants (VPPs).

Electric vessels will become economical virtual energy storage resources to support electricity grids at their times of greatest need without negatively impacting vessel operations. New vessel-to-grid revenue streams for vessel owners will further reduce the total cost of ownership of electric vessels, providing an important incentive for their increased use. 

With 52,000 employees working at 92 locations worldwide, BorgWarner designs and manufactures bi-directional V2G chargers in the United States.